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Digitising Stockpile Inventory

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The Ronin ART Inventory Management System truly brings control over your inventory to your fingertips. Sixteen years later and Ronin System Solutions still enhances the ART System by engineering better laser hardware and smarter software.

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ART Site 3D Overview.

The ART System Software provides the user with valuable insight into what is happening on-site, during the shift and on the book. By balancing and synchronising these three important factors the ART System gives the operator the capability to balance book stock to what is physically happening on site.

Stock management begins by having a holistic daily overview of what is happening on site. Laydown location and number, as well as product type stored, its grade, density, and other grading criteria, are very important. This information together with an infrastructure of laser scanning devices that measures the occupied volume on an ongoing basis creates the backbone of the ART System.

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ART Single Stockpile View and History Page.

The ART Dashboard Software offers another dimension to management data by selecting any of the stockpiles on the Dashboard. All historically published scans data is available on this page as well as the mass, volume, and density at the time of measurement. Pile information allocations for product type, density, and grade is done on this page. ART Dashboard can also facilitate externally generated point-cloud data from UAV's and as generated by mining Surveyors. Scan data is automatically cut from point-cloud data and represented within ART in its true under pile structure design or sacrificial bed. Once these areas and under pile infrastructure are programmed into ART the extraction of data relevant to the laydown areas happens seamlessly. 


Hardware and Installation


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Stockpiles and Stockyards

To be used as single or multiple units scanning the profile. Laser measurement devices can be mounted on masts or existing infrastructure that provides adequate coverage from the position. 

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  • Balance your book to physical stock on a daily basis.

  • Validate shift production performance over time.

  • Remote Head Office oversight and awareness.

  • Trending of data.

  • ART Dashboard can report to subscription-based ART Cloud Management platform for multiple site data availability on one platform.

  • Logistic and planning benefits.

Product Type Experience

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 Iron Ore
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Chrome Ore
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